Twila’s Treasures

Women’s Consignment Boutique


At Twila's Treasures we are in the business of
making women feel beautiful at a price they can afford!

Have you ever known one of those women who just always

look effortlessly put together? Ever wish you could afford to

look that chic? Well guess what.... You can!


At Twila's Treasures we have a wide variety of styles and labels

arriving daily! Our prices are unbelievable! Sure you could go to

the mall, or shop online spend $100 on a beautiful, trendy blazer,

$50 on a great pair of shoes, and upwards of $30 on jewelry &

other accessories...... Or get it all at Twila's for less that $100!



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Twila’s Treasures
Clothing Consignment Boutique
2597 E. Aurora Rd.
Twinsburg, OH 44087
(330) 425-9386
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Mon – Fri 11-6
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